Gel French Manicure:How to do French manicure

How to do French manicure ?

French manicure has always been the most popular and classic manicure on the street.

Modern French manicure is mainly painted with white tips on light pink or transparent nail polish. Since sophisticated tips seem to be difficult to obtain, we usually rely on nail salons. But why not try to improve your DIY French manicure at home?

The hand is like the second face of a woman, and more and more women who love beauty begin to like to spend their time on their nails. The following will teach you how to make your own French manicure, and easily play with fingertip fashion. Come and learn together!

Clean Your Nails

Get some cotton swabs ready, use it to dip in some nail polish remover and remove all old polish, even if it’s clear be sure to remove polish marks from all nooks and crannies as you can see through the pale french polish to other colors.Try to choose a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone.

Give Nails Your Favorite Shape

Start by trimming your nails to the desired length. Make sure all of them are even. Use nail clippers to trim uneven spots and make sure all your nails are the same length.Although French manicure is suitable for various types of nail plates and shapes/lengths, almond or short square is best for French nail tips.

Buff Your Nail 

Use a nail file to finish shaping your nails so that they each have a smooth, crescent-shaped edge. You can file your nails into a square or round shape, depending on your preference. Use a nail buffer to buff the surface of your nails.Gently buffed nails help polish to stay better, Manicurists recommend using Professional Nail Buffer Blocks.

Soak Your Hands and Cuticles

Place your hands in a warm bowl of water, whole milk or olive oil. This softens your cuticles and makes them easier to push back. Soak for about three minutes, then dry your hands with a towel.

Push back your cuticles

Use an orange stick or cuticle pusher to push your cuticles back. Don’t trim your cuticles; this leaves your nail matrix (the area your nails grow from) open to infection and can cause deformities on your nails like ridges or discoloration. You may also massage some cuticle oil into your nails at this time. After applying cuticle oil you could put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on your nails. Make sure not to put on too much or it can cause your nails to turn brittle.

Apply the Base

The base coat of a French manicure is usually pale pink, cream, or clear. Start by painting a stripe down the center of your first nail, then two more stripes on either side. Paint from the cuticle to the tip, with the brush angled forward. Fill in the entire nail using smooth, even strokes. Continue painting the base coat on each nail of both hands.Professional manicures last longer than home manicures because nail techs never skip the base coat.

Paint the Tip of the Nail

You can choose various colors of nail polish.For a French manicure, you’ll need two shades of color: one for the nail, and one for the tip.If you don’t know how to draw beautiful nail designs, you can refer to our French manicure with design to learn.You can also select the time-saving Manicure Printing Machine.If you just want to simply beautify your nail tips, you can select Nail Stamper or Use scotch tape.

Nail Stamper   can help you to save time with French manicure at home.Apply your favorite color evenly to your fingertips through elastic silicone.


Finish With a Thin Layer of Top coat.

To seal and set your at-home French manicure, finally finish with a thin layer of a shiny topcoat.Manicurists recommend using  top coat because it’s not sticky and keeps your nails for so long.

If you learn the above steps, you can do manicure at home, if you want to become a manicurist, then you need more professional learning, such as designing patterns according to the requirements of customers, professional nail tools and skilled techniques.

This is a simple French manicure. If you want the manicure to last longer, you have to learn French gel manicure. If you want to learn more professional French manicure, please forward our article to your friends to make them beautiful too.


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